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This online application is divided into 3 sections.

  1. Application Details - This section ask you to enter the personal infromation for you, the primary competitor, wishing to register for the Music Festival.  All information about the applicant is required in order to proceed.
  2. Performance(s) - This section will allow you to enter up to six seperate performances at once.  Each performance will require you to select the type of performance & class you wish to register for, as well as the titles and composer of the pieces you will be performing.  Additionally, your music teacher must be either selected through the list of current registered teachers, or by entering their full information to proceed. For performances that are duets & trios, you are also required to enter your partner's personal information, so that they are properly registered along with you, and tied to your performance.  Upon successfully adding your first performance, you can add another or continue on to the final step.
  3. Review Your Application - This section willl allow you to review a summary of your performances, so you can ensure that you have choosen correctly.  From this step, you're able to proceed to the checkout process through PayPal, and finalize your submission for review.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or  289-763-5761.

Please note:

  • Closing date for all applications is January 31 of the festival year.
  • All fields in this application are required.
  • All performance times must be accurate to ensure proper timing of classes.

Applicant Details


  • You may apply for up to 6 performances at a time. 
  • Follow the instructions below to add or edit a performance.  
  • A performance won't allow you to save until you've finished entering all the required information.
  • Successfully saving at least one performance will allow you to proceed to the review step.  

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Piece(s) and Composer(s)
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Enter your teacher’s information below, or select from the listed teachers:



Please review your application submission to ensure all informatin is entered accurately before proceeding to checkout.



Making Edits to your Performance: If you wish to make any edits to your performance, please revisit step 2 and click ‘edit performance’. The details will automatically refresh.

Adding Another Performance: If you’d like to add more than one performance, please revist step 2 and click on the “Add Another Performance” button. Your entre fee will be one total at the end when you are ready to checkout.

Checking Out/Payment: Click on the “Checkout” button to proceed to make your payment for your performance.

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